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Student Resource Files

To access the Student Resource files for the books that you have purchased, you must first Create an Account and be logged in. Once you become a member, you will be directed to enter the Student Resources code located on the inside back cover of your book. Click here to Create an Account.

ATC Student Resources include art, images, text files and fonts required to complete all of the assignments. Using the Against The Clock resource files will help you match the look and quality of the projects in the books•without these specific files you will likely have varied results.

Against the Clock Fonts

ATC fonts are for the sole use of its customers. The fonts can only be used to complete specific lessons in Against The Clock training materials. To install ATC fonts in a third-party font management application, refer to the documentation provided with the application or available online from the developer's Web site.


While Against The Clock makes every effort to publish error-free books, occasional errors will appear in books and files. Please choose the title below for corrections in your book. If the title is not listed, then there are no corrections reported at this time.

5.5 Upgrades

Against The Clock publishes the Portfolio Series titles for Full Upgrades only. We offer books for CS3, CS4 and CS5. If you are using one of our CS5 titles, and have upgraded your software to CS5.5, please take a look at the notes below that might be associated with your book(s). While we have not upgraded our books for 5.5, we have reviewed them and have noted any exercises that might work differently with this new .5 release. If your title is not listed, there are no notes available and the exercises and projects will work as-printed.

Your comments and questions are important to keep the contents of Against The Clock books and materials up-to-date and challenging, and prepare you to find the job you want. Your input also helps to improve and expand ATC•s outstanding customer service. Please e-mail Against the Clock at