Learning Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Basics You Should Know

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful, popular, and widely used applications in the graphic arts industry. Whether you are considering learning Photoshop for individual use, or as a part of extensive training towards a career as a graphic artist, the Against The Clock Professional Portfolio Series of Adobe Photoshop textbooks can provide you with the education and experience you are looking for.

Adobe Photoshop can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether you are creating new product packaging, editing images for a magazine layout, or just touching up photographs of yourself and your friends for use on social networking sites, NOTHING compares to Adobe Photoshop for raw image editing capability. Learning Photoshop is becoming a more common goal than it was in the past. Because of the proliferation of digital cameras, and great improvements in camera phones, it is truly a rare moment when one does not have a high resolution digital camera in their pocket. Graphic artists are in high demand, and photography clients have an expectation that digital touchups will be provided whenever they do a shoot with a professional photographer. No longer the exclusive realm of graphic artists, various versions of the Adobe Photoshop software, as well as competing photo editing software products, have opened the floodgates of digital image manipulation to the masses.

Photoshop has become an integral part of mainstream culture. Learning Photoshop is quickly becoming a necessary or desired skill, even for those with no interest in work as a professional graphic artist. Entire websites and communities online have sprung up around Photoshop. Internet Memes and internet cultural references in general often revolve around "shopped" images. Newspapers and television programs report on the use of Photoshop in advertisements, modeling photography, and by celebrities to help create an image and brand. Youtube videos celebrate and castigate the use of Photoshop. Even outright controversy erupts over certain uses of the Adobe Photoshop software. It has become so ubiquitous, it is rare if not impossible to find a published photograph which has not been touched up, improved, or modified one way or another with Photoshop.

Advantages of Learning Photoshop

If you are interested in working as a professional graphic artist, web designer, or photographer, learning Photoshop will be a critical and fundamental part of your career education. Adobe Photoshop is the leading image editing software and in included in Adobe Creative Suite, the industry standard toolkit for graphic artists and designers the world over. Learning how to use Photoshop can open many doors to you in your career. Virtually all design firms, photography studios, and marketing agencies use Photoshop in their day to day operations. Developing and mastering Adobe Photoshop skills can put you in a strong position as a new hire or employment candidate, and can allow you to contribute from day one to operations within any firm or studio.

The first step on your path to learn how to use Photoshop will be choosing a method for your education. Classroom study, training videos, manuals, books, and other materials all have advantages and disadvantages. Only a complete approach with a combination of written instructions and materials, visual references, and hands-on learning opportunities can fully insure you learn Photoshop skills and master the tools and techniques necessary to achieve your goals.

Training Resources for Learning Adobe Photoshop

There are many different training resources available to help you learn to use Photoshop. Visual and auditory learners may appreciate standard texts, or videos which can help explain the use of specific tools or techniques. Those who are more kinesthetic in their approach to learning may find the best way to learn to use Photoshop over time is simply working and learning with the program. Resource books are fantastic tools when you simply want to refresh known skills or learn details about a specific tool you already have some familiarity with. Classroom in a book style approaches provide a chapter by chapter explanation of the basics of the Adobe software.

Only one approach combines all of the advantages into one simple to use product. The Against The Clock Portfolio Series offers an Adobe Photoshop book and accompanying resource materials, which combines all the best attributes of the many options available for learning Photoshop. With a combination of written materials, detailed narrated screen shots, student resource files, visual examples, hands-on real world projects, and tips and tricks from some of the brightest minds in the industry, the ATC Photoshop books provide a one of a kind unique and personalized approach to learning and developing skills with Adobe Photoshop.

Whether you are interested in taking your career goals to the next level, or just improving the quality and appearance of your own photographs and images, learning Photoshop with the Portfolio Series of Adobe Photoshop books can put you on the path to success. Pick up a copy of our popular and industry leading Adobe Photoshop Textbook today, and you can begin your journey towards learning and mastering Adobe Photoshop.