I love that I can turn the software training over to these tutorials. It really frees me up to focus my attention on teaching design principles.

— Alma Hale, Southwest Minnesota State University

This is an excellent resource for any graphics class that teaches the technical aspects of Adobe software.

— Carin Murphy, Des Moines Area Technical College

What a lifesaver. This book started answering my questions from page one. The Portfolio Series provides easy-to-follow, hands-on training and at the right pace and the right price.

— Michael O'Donnell, Student

Against The Clock has developed a unique combination of hands-on, step-by-step projects complimented by outstanding foundational discussions. I found the writing succinct and directions easy to follow.

— David Gill, Azusa Pacific University

Students prefer case-study books. The Against The Clock books allow students to get step-by-step instruction outside of the classroom. This is especially helpful for distance and online learning.

— Tom Courad, Eastern Washington University

The projects are diverse and keep my students interested.

— Ron Roman, IADT

I liked the balloon project in the Photoshop book. I felt it was interesting, demonstrated common skills and exercised creativity for the students. The projects definitely held the attention of the students, making my job much easier. These are great books.

— Eric Yoxheimer, Harrisburg Area Community College

The Portfolio Series provides excellent, in-depth exercises and auxiliary material with incredible attention to detail. This book will serve as a learning companion long after the program has been mastered.

— Sharon Lettvin Neville, Technical Communications Consultants, 
Adobe Certified Instructor

With the Portfolio Series, I can have new students creating real-world projects within a week of starting class. Against The Clock is a dedicated publisher, and the quality of their work is outstanding.

— Kara Hardin, Graphic Designer/Multimedia Specialist,
 Pensacola Junior College

I've always felt that Project-based learning is the best way to learn Photoshop, and the Against the Clock series, with it's real world style of training, really makes it stick. It's learning in context, and that's what makes the difference. Plus, the way the book is designed, it makes learning fun and most importantly helps you retain what you've learned.

— Scott Kelby President, National Assn. of Photoshop Professionals

The Professional Portfolio series blows Adobe's Classroom in a Book series out of the water. Against the Clock has done a superb job taking users from the very beginnings of planning a project and thinking it through, to finishing them with impressive results. It's a great way to learn.

— Mordy Golding, Author, Real World Adobe Illustrator CS4

After seven years of using The Revealed Series I have switched to Against The Clock. The reason? Better projects and better price. A book like this allows me to concentrate on teaching design and leave the software instruction to my ‘Assistant Professor’ – the ATC book.

— John O'Connor, Radford University

The compelling content and real world scenarios make this book all the more appealing, especially to those seeking to secure a job in a very competitive economy. This book is also an excellent foundational resource for those preparing to take the Adobe Certified Associate and Expert Exams.

— Bill Carberry, Adobe Certified Instructor

The Against The Clock InDesign book takes beginners from the conceptual design to the production process with ease.

— Beth Rogers, Nossi College of Art

What a resource! I started producing cool projects from the very first page – this is the ultimate Portfolio Builder. This InDesign book will remain in my library and serve as a future reference.

— Lisa Gayle, Student

The Professional Portfolio Series is a fantastic resource for students and instructors. I have used these books in several classes and my students love them. The step-by-step projects are fun and represent typical real-world assignments. The Foundation boxes throughout the book present additional functionality and related tools, and discuss the underlying fundamentals of production.

— Carin Murphy, Des Moines Area Community College

The 20th anniversary edition of Photoshop has over 100 new command features posing a challenge to learners and educators. Thankfully, Against-The-Clock provides a solution to guide students toward learning the complexities of Photoshop from assignments that puts them in the role of the professional graphic artist!

— John Craft, Appalachian State University

The Against The Clock Photoshop book it is terrific. I have been teaching Photoshop since 1991, and have always been forced to develop my own curriculum due to the lack of good resources on the market. Now that I have taught class with the ATC Photoshop book, I plan to integrate the ATC resources for Flash, Dreamweaver and InDesign this fall.

— Michelle Glush, The King’s College and Seminary

Against The Clock excels in providing project-based instruction in a step-by-step manner with helpful insights along the way to create practical artwork that is portfolio quality. The series goes far beyond basic skills, covering a substantial amount of the software's capability while incorporating the latest Adobe tools into each new edition - it is like having your own Adobe tutor teaching at your side.

— Christopher Kocmoud, Blinn College

The Against The Clock Illustrator book is comprehensive and challenging, and in a great way. As an educator it was awesome to re-tool, but I know from prior editions that this series will definitely remain my go-to reference for all things Adobe!

— Somiah Muslimanii, Virginia Tech

Awesome set of skill development projects. The person who learns these skill sets, their potential will be limitless!

— Eric Dye, West Virginia Department of Education

I have worked through a lot of technical books written for Dreamweaver dating back to Dreamweaver MX, and have to say this is by far the most informative and straight forward resource I have ever worked with.

— Greg Forquer, Student

Against the Clock has done a wonderful job creating projects that you can complete by following their step-by-step instructions. You don't have to be an expert to learn CS5, and Against the Clock's exercises are explained without too much technical jargon—all you need to provide is a little common sense and determination.

— Ben Hannam, Virginia Tech

With each project, my confidence and skill increased tremendously. This book is not just an ideal learning tool but an excellent reference tool!

— Ruth Rosenberg, Student

I use Against The Clock texts in several courses. I have found the projects to be superior to any book I’ve previously used. The ATC books have a professional appearance and are organized to provide students with solid fundamentals that have a logical progression of learning experiences. In addition, the supplemental information in the projects provides a broad knowledge base of software features, and the personal customer support is certainly an added benefit.

— Marshall Williams, Associate Professor, Print and Digital Imaging, Ferris State University

Thanks to the Against The Clock book, I totally understand the process of developing a Flash project. I did not realize how much I was learning as each of the projects effortlessly led me through building my new Flash skills. I am thrilled at the organization that went into the planning and implementation of this wonderful teaching tool.

— Carol Atkinson, University of Central Missouri

We had a very good experience using your Flash book this quarter. The activities were vibrant, professional pieces that kept the attention of the students. Great artwork supported the text. There were adequate explanations so that serious students could understand and assimilate the information. I am very pleased with the book and plan to incorporate additional ATC titles into my courses in the fall.

— Barbara Stover, Marion Technical College

All of the Against The Clock books are working well for our students. Lessons are rich in content, yet easy to use and grasp.

— Tom Couraud, Eastern Washington University

Students in our New Media Communications Program are required to learn complex software. The project-based approach that the Against The Clock Portfolio series employs allow students to build knowledge from a truly practical perspective.

— John Karmazyn, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

After an exhaustive search for a project-based book that provides solid hands-on activities along with good written assignments, I was excited to have found the Against The Clock Professional Portfolio Series. These books are great!

— Monica Hawthorne, Reagan High School

Of all the books I have used for training on Adobe design software, Against the Clock, without a shadow of doubt, offers the most up-to-date and real-world approach to leaning. I am thrilled that I can easily access the student and instructors resources online, wherever I may be. Brilliant!

— -- Olwen Bruce, Sterling Ledet & Associates

Against The Clock books are my first choice for class. Students always tell me how much they love these books and keep them for reference for when they work in the field.

— Joseph Staudenbaur, Dakota State University

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